I have been in no particular order; a lost child, orphan, farmer, oil field driller, forest fire fighter, soldier, student, bum, scoundrel, smuggler, thief, counselor, coach, entrepreneur, engineer, wanderer, photographer, internet pioneer, author, publisher, poet, philosopher, oil field producer, beneficiary of good fortune, friend, husband, father, son, brother, grandfather, seeker of wisdom, seeker of truth, delusional, and a fool.

This blog was originally stated as an experiment in blog writing and as a vehicle to express a hopeful message of positive change.

During the time we were learning the process of using this medium my office manager and I posted many sayings and affirmations which were only in a general way relevant to what we hoped this blog would become. Now that we are moving beyond the early learning phase I have made a decision to leave those early posts on the site. If you find value in the older posts good, if not please excuse the visible remains of our construction efforts.


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Gene Wilson
Life Coach, Certified Self-Talk Trainer Certified by The Self-Talk Institute

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi KenBWM,

    Thanks for visiting and thanks for the kind words. Steve’s Blog is one of the best personal development resources on the net.

  2. Hi Gene,
    I get so much from your wisdom-ly writing! I too found out about you on Steve Pavlina. (You should have a pic of yourself on this site too!)
    I love your honesty about where you’ve been and about how you got started blogging.
    Am looking forward to exploring the rest of your site.

  3. Hi Paula,

    Thanks for reading my site and the kind words. I believe you are correct about having my picture on the blog. I know when I visit a site a picture gives me a feeling of connection with the writer.

    I have not posted new material for quite sometime. Every time I began to write an article it felt unauthentic to me. I chose not to post articles that were off key and off message. I am now ready to write again and believe I have something of value to present to others.

    Thanks for commenting and the suggestion to post my picture.


  4. I found you from Steve Pavlina’s blog. I really enjoyed all of your ‘About’ page, especially your first paragraph. Made me smile – you sure have done A LOT in your life! I look forward to spending time on your blog and reading what new insights you come up with!

  5. Hi Jeremy,

    I have had a full life. I now know how to behave in more appropriate ways that are more likely to attract the outcome I desire. As I look back at my past life I understand that these experiences are a large part of the person I am today. I’m pretty comfortable with the man I see in the mirror and enjoy being helpful to people.

    I’m pleased that you like the about page and the blog. I look forward to more comments from you as you visit the blog in the future.

    Welcome to talktoyourself.com!


  6. Hi Gene, even tho I know you have been busy, was wondering about your health? Hows the young lad? And the new one? Boy or girl? Hows Miamai? I hope you’ll say hello to them for us, Nori and I do wish you the very best and a Happy Easter, Ed & Nori, Hope we’re still friends

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