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I have been on hiatus from posting on this blog for a long time. My last post was on October 14, 2008. If my count is correct that is 479 days without posting. The reason I have been on hiatus is that when I would think of writing a post or actually write a piece to post it felt unauthentic to me. I decided if I could not resonate with my writing I would cease to post until I was again able to share authentically. I am now able to share from a place of love, honesty and power. I’m back!

I have made some decisions about my life and am in the process of taking conscious action. I have hope for the the outcome of my actions but I also understand that I can not guarantee what the results of these action will bring into my life.

I attended the second Conscious Growth Workshop (CGW) in Las Vegas where I met a group of loving conscious people. I enjoyed being there with them and found the energy, and emotional connections to be so empowering for me that I made commitments to myself and a number of my new friends to make changes in my life.

I have decided to return to the field of life coaching full time. I truly love working with people and observing the moment a breakthrough occurs. I enjoy creating audios and videos to assist others in attaining personal growth. It is where my passion lies and where I experience a powerful connection of oneness.

Since returning to my home in Oblong Illinois I have sold my home and am in the process of packing and storing all of the contents of the house that I am not selling, giving away or moving to my motor home. We are going to drive the motor home on a trip to Las Vegas.  I am again actively seeing more clients and am open to accept new coaching clients.

I create audios using a number of techniques including audio brain entrainment and hypnosis. I have a commitment to three people at CGW to work with them to create new products. These friends have kindly offered to be beta testers for my new products.

I feel happier since the CGW than I have felt for many years. I know that some workshops bring participants to a high energy level while they are attending the event and for a few days after the event, then the energy slowly leaves. I have experienced a continuous feeling of purpose and peace since this event and am working daily to live each day consciously while making choices and taking action congruent with my life.

I’m back with passion to share. I’m back!

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  1. Hi Gene – I’m glad to see you back! Keep posting and sharing thoughts and ideas with others. Not only does it make you feel good, as you say, but it helps others too!

  2. Hi Bob! It’s great to hear from you! I do like sharing my journey and hopfully helping myself and others as I do so.

    I hope you your family are well. I’m ready to go swimming but the commute is a bit too far to go anytime soon.


  3. Hi Gene
    I have coincidently seen your Blog and i like your last article related to back to blogging.
    I have never seen your blog, And never gone to any of the CGW yet.
    But it touch me that after CGW you have experienced a continuous feeling of purpose and peace. and you have decided to shift to life coaching. And that is really Great ..

  4. Hi Rips,

    Thanks for your comment about my blog and my decision to return to life coaching as a way to express my joy for life and connection to people. I truly love the moment that a client has a breakthrough moment. It is so very satisfying to me to be part of their process of personal growth.

    William Glasser wrote, ““We Learn . . .
    10% of what we read
    20% of what we hear
    30% of what we see
    50% of what we see and hear
    70% of what we discuss
    80% of what we experience
    95% of what we teach others.”

    so as I share my experience with others I reinforce my truth to myself and relearn and retain the fact that the answer to any question is love. I walk the path of happy destiny practicing what I teach to others and incorporate lessons I learn from others into useful tools to continue my journey through life.


  5. Good for you, getting back into blogging. How did you find Steve Pavlina’s workshop – besides it being awesome, were there any specifics that really jumped out at you? Keep it up – just from what I’ve read today on your blog tells me you are a very dedicated person who has a lot to offer this world we live in.

  6. Hi Jeremy,

    I found Steve’s workshop filled with kind, loving participants who were open to and seeking personal growth. Steve did a great presentation and his presentation alone would have been valuable and worth the price of attending.

    The real difference between CGW2 and other conferences I have attended in the past was the almost instant connection of the other attendees. Someone suggested we meet the night before the CGW started. A significant number of us made the meeting and for myself and many others I believe we started bonding as a group more intensely that night.

    I was familiar with some of the other people there from the Personal Development forums. The in person bonds started there for me. We were disclosing things about ourselves and goals we had for the conference as well as some of our personal histories. In my opinion we became a family of choice at the conference and the this meeting was a very good start to creating a family of pears with similar beliefs and goals.

    I would recommend the workshop to those who are interested in my opinion. I would also recommend coming to Las Vegas a day or two before the conference with the intent of meeting people attending and to stay a day or even two after the conference officially ends. We continued to meet in small groups throughout the conference and to choose activities with others attending the event.

    Many of the those I met there are still my friends and confidants. We share our daily ups and downs and by doing this we or at least I maintain the loving group that developed at the CGW. If I do not communicate I receive a message “Are you all right” I haven’t seen you on the forums or on Facebook for a few days. When one of us makes a big decision or breakthrough we share the news with each other and we if we are feeling stuck we say so and ask for support.

    To sum up I found the CGW a tremendous lift in my life which continues to encourage me to go for my dreams and has provided me a circle of conscious people who are part of my life.

    Thanks for your comment.


  7. Very interesting. That workshop sounds like something that would be worth doing once I’ve healed completely from back surgery and can sit for more than an hour. Thanks for sharing the details – and it sounds like an awesome group of people were there who have similar life goals – to just get better each day and make a difference. Thanks!

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