I am alive An Audio for Healthy Eating Free MP3 Download

This is a script about healthy eating. It is encoded with binaural audio to have greater success in internalizing the messages in the recording. It has been created using the Schumann Resonance and it is reported to have useful results for people,

You can try this audio with or without headphones.. The effect will be heightened if headphones are used.

Try this when you have some free time to see how it affects you. Then after you determine if it is useful to you play it one hour before eating or preparing each meal and as many other times as you deem useful.

The text of the script is below in italics:

I am alive!

I’m glad I’m alive!

My life is important to me and I care for it in many ways.

I make choices to have a good and healthy life.

I choose what I eat and the quantities I eat.. I choose the times that I eat and the places where I eat. I choose who I am with, when I eat. I make these decisions to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. I enjoy taking good care of myself today in every way. I make good choices for myself and do not accept the urges and demands of my old habits when they are not good choices. I make good choices today in all areas of my life, including what I eat, when I eat, the quantities I eat, and who I eat with.

I question my thoughts and impulses about food. I make good choices about everything in my life today, including food.

When I eat, I take a deep breath before beginning and say to myself, this is fuel for my healthy body. I look at the food before beginning my meals and mentally comment to myself that, eating is good and healthy for me. I eat slowly, often putting my knife, fork and spoon on the table and chewing slowly. I savor the taste of the food knowing it is fuel for my body.

It is good to provide good nutritious food for my body. I deserve to enjoy eating good healthy food. I deserve to have a healthy mind and body. I deserve to enjoy life and I make the choices that make it reality for me. I am worthy of happiness and taking care of my body and my physical health is part of living a happy life.

I care about myself!

I care about others and I know I must care for myself before I can truly care about others. I must help myself first. Today I take good care of myself by eating good healthy food. I eat good food in healthy quantities. I eat at carefully chosen times. I eat slowly and think about the purpose of food in my life.

When an emotional issue arises I know that food is not the answer for me. I know there are other tools to deal with emotions. Food is fuel for my body. I use food as fuel for my body. I use other tools for other life situations.

I am proud of myself for the care and attention I give my self and my eating habits. My body is becoming healthier and healthier each day and even each moment as I realize how committed I am to being healthy.

It is never advisable to drive or operate machinery while listening to binaural audio unless you have previewed the program and determined you remain alert and safe during play.

This audio program is provided without warranty, as is.

I and this site are not therapists, do not provide therapeutic advice and are not medical professionals. Please consult you medical professional if you have any questions regarding the suitability of this program for you.

This audio program Copyright © 2007 by Gene Wilson and talktoyourself.com.


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I am Alive An Audio For Healthy Eating

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