Mental Masturbation – Now Do Something

Everyone has wants, needs and desires. Now Do Something!

If you want something in your life do something. Thought without action produces no change. Plans with no action creates no change. Wishing with no action produces no change. Observing others with no action produces no change. Study and education with no action produces no change. Affirmations with no action produces no change. Therapy with no action produces no change. Spiritual seeking with no action produces no change.

A number of years ago I worked in Naples Florida with Fred Wass. It was while listening to one of his presentations that I first heard the term Mental Masturbation. The phrase described exactly the helplessness and dis-empowered state of thought without action, the constant rumination without end, which produces only disappointment and pain.

Going to conferences, reading another book, going to another self help meeting, listening to the latest and greatest personal development speaker can have value. But without action there is no change.

Creating an identity as a seeker of wellness without embracing the steps necessary to live in wellness is futile. At some moment in the journey of gathering knowledge and information action is required to actually live in health and wellness.

Why do people focus on the problem instead of the solution? People are comfortable with their story. Their story becomes their identity and then they cling to the identity, their story, with a ferocious tenacity, even though their lives and that story are desperate unpleasant experiences.

People fear the unknown. It sometimes seems better to live in the wasteland of despair than to risk the unknown which change may bring. This fear of change is common even when it is difficult to imagine worse circumstances in that person’s life. This fear is common even when life seems so desperate that the person is praying to whatever power exists in the universe for relief from the current situation.

How can a person change? A person can change by becoming willing to do something to positively change his or her life and then doing something. Perfection is not desired nor is it possible.

Live in the moment. Now is the only moment anyone ever lives in. It is possible to make plans for the future but each moment of life is lived in the now, If it is not now it is either a memory or the future, neither of which is now.

Be conscious of the thoughts that occur in your mind. Observe the automatic thoughts without judgment. Become willing to change and create your best life.

Now do something! Take action

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I also receive such tremendous raise my energy level and continue on my path of choice. Welcome to the blog, I hope you will return often and let myself and other readers know your thoughts.

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