Nothing Last Forever

Nothing lasts forever. Countries and empires become great and vanish into history leaving only an indistinct memory of the actual reality of the empire. Perhaps there is a legacy that is adopted by subsequent peoples in other countries and empires.

The great Roman Empire and that of the Greeks where democracy is said to have been nourished and born are no more. Their legacy lives in this moment in the form of thoughts, beliefs and actions that result from those thoughts and beliefs in this moment.

Everything exists only in the now. For nations, empires and for people. Now is all we have and while we may use lessons learned it is in the now that we experience life.

Friendships are something many may wish to believe are everlasting and unchangeable. I believe even the best of friendships change and evolve. I believe that the best of friendships have cycles.

I say friendships like everything else, do not last forever. They change, grow, evolve and become different with time. Sometimes friends take a different path on their journey and seem not to be friends in the same way they once were friends. Sometimes these friends who for a time took a sperate path come together again as close friends and sometimes they do not.

I believe each person who comes into my life is there for a purpose as am I when I enter another’s life. Sometimes when that purpose is fulfilled the friends part for a time.

It has been my great good fortune to have had some wonderful friends in my life. I have never stopped caring about a friend when I or my friends have needed to move on to what ever is next in our lives.

Friendship is a form of love and for me love, real genuine love is about as close as anything gets to lasting forever. Real love and friendships never die.


A Traveler On The Journey!