Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. “Self Talk and the beautiful efficiency of technology”

Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.  Self Talk and the beautiful efficiency of technology

In the early years of my conscious self discovery and self development journey I discovered the usefulness of recording positive, true scripts on audio cassette tapes and listening to them as I went about my day. I used this tool of recording sayings of many kinds from a large variety of sources to help me to develop the kind habits, actions and abilities I desired to possess.

I used this tool for a few years and discovered a book by Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. titled The Self Talk Solution in which he puts forth the benefits of positive self talk as a way of overcoming and reframing negative internal messages into positive affirming self talk. In this book Dr. Helmstetter also extolled the miracle of technology available to all with a cassette recorder to make personalized tapes to play back periodically to help shift beliefs from limiting beliefs to more true, empowering beliefs.

Before reading his book and examining his other materials I was already using many of the techniques mentioned in his books. His presentation of the how and why self talk can be useful was a cogent and credible theory which I found useful.

I eventually attended a training group at the Self Talk Institute where he presented a version of his work to professionals for use with clients. I have used this method with many coaching and counseling clients alone and in conjunction with other techniques. It is frequently useful as a way of moving forward towards the goals my clients would like to achieve.

Today the easy and inexpensive availability of Compact Disc players, MP3 players, computers and other audio devices make self produced and professionally produced custom audio programs useful to the individual and to the professional working with clients.

I use audio programs in my work with clients today and continue to use audio programs for my own personal growth.

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to record my own self-talk. Since the audio I’ll be listening to is on the outside of my body (me listening in, so to speak), should I record my affirmations saying “You” or “I”.

    Example: You have a great memory.

    OR: I have a great memory.

    Weird thing is, I read about this someplace a long time ago, but can’t remember where. It said that if I’m recording and listening to myself with an audio, it should be addressed as “You”.

    But, if I’m actually talking to myself, thinking, meditating or writing, then I use “I” or “I am.”

    Can you shed some light on this for me. Making tapes takes a good amount of time and I want to get it right the first time.

    I am grateful for your valuable time. Enjoy this moment, enjoy your whole day.


  2. Hi Linda,

    I use both I and You in my self talk programs. I might repeat an affirmation using “I” three time and the use “you” in the same statement.

    I take care of myself.
    You take care of yourself.

    I suggest you try both and see which voice speaks to you. I think you will know what works best for you.

    I wish you great success in your efforts to use audio recordings to create the life you deserve. If there is anything I can assist you with please contact me.


  3. Hello Gene,
    This is very useful information. Actually I had very similar questions as Linda before. I also had this question – How effective is the self talk audio when you use your name.
    Example: Tom has a great memory
    Tom, You have a great memory !!
    Is there any right or wrong way – how do you know. OR do you go with what “feels” best. Thank you for you input.

    – RK.

  4. Hi RK,

    I think the effectiveness in using a persons name would depend a great deal on the individual, for some people it might work very well and others might find it less useful. I would recommend you just try it and watch how you react to the self talk and also be aware of how effective the self talk script is in creating the empowering changes you desire in your life.

    Let me know how this works for you!


  5. Self-talk can be one of the most positive ways of transforming your life. So many people are unaware of just how many negative words they actually speak in one day. It’s a real eye opener for people to start watching their own self-talk. By doing so they can change from a negative perspective to a positive one which will of course generate a high vibrational energy to the Universe. This does of course bring the highest manifestions into a persons life.

  6. I used to record my self[talk scripts onto endless loop cassettes. Now I record Self-Talk onto my computer and listen to them endlessly in My Documents. I have made some of my own scripts that I listen to.

  7. Hi Tim,

    A long time ago I used endless look cassettes just like you did. The computer is a much better tool for making the audios though. A person with just an ordinary computer can make better quality recordings than we could back in the old days using xassettes.


  8. sir,
    I just want to know that the sentence should be in which tense:
    Present continuous or
    Simple Present

    Thanks & Regards
    Suresh Prajapati

  9. I think the choice of present continuous or simple present tense is to be determined by which one helps the listener most effectively. In some of my longer audios I use many both of the above as well as future tense and occasionally past tense when I wish to draw a distinction between the past and the now and the future.

    I suggest experimenting and discovering which tense works best for the listener.

    I also create custom audios for people who wish help in an area more intense and personal than the free audios posted on this website.

    Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for your feed back.


  10. Hi,

    I have a large set of self talk tapes and cards I bought from s.h. in the 80’s., and was wondering if I could use them still, or should I transfer them to disks? I didn’t really get great results from them
    after listening one hour per day for a year, but I wasn’t using the cards with them. Only playing them and expecting my life to change. Thanks,


  11. Hi Frank,

    I would recommend you transfer the tapes to CD and let them play repeatedly as you sleep. I have experienced good results with clients using this method.

    Another option is to have a consultation with a practitioner such as myself and have a custom audio produced to assist you in achieving your goals.

    Let me know if I may be of further service to you.


  12. Thanks Gene,

    Good advice about transfering the tapes, and playing them while sleeping. I didn’t think that would work.

    When I used the tapes in the 80’s, I mostly listened to health and fitness exclusively in hopes that it would help curb my beer drinking, but it didn’t happen. I don’t drink a whole lot now, but the thoughts are still there. Any thoughts on that? Also, whats involved in consoltation? Thanks,


  13. Hi Frank,

    Health and physical fitness Self Talk audios are good, but for your goal of removing the desire to drink, I believe some other scripts might work better. A modified variation of the stop smoking script could work. I would need to know more about your current self talk and some history before I would feel competent to make more specific recommendations.

    When I do a consultation I spend some time on the phone talking to you about yourself, what you desire to achieve and then make recommendations for your consideration. I can help you create a custom script for you that I believe would be useful in achieving your objective. If you wish I can also create the audio for you which can be delivered as an MP3 download or on a CD.

    My fees vary with the services a client desires. I offer a money back satisfaction guarantee with all of my work. I would be happy to talk to you more about your interest in self talk whether you desire my professional services or do not wish to use those services.

    My email address is gene@talktoyourself.com and if you send an email please put your name and more information about self talk in the subject line so I will not accidentally delete the message as spam. If you would prefer to communicate by phone we can arrange a time that is convenient and talk. My number is 469-437-0828. If you get my voice mail just leave a message and a good time to return your call. I have unlimited calling and will return your call if you leave a message with your number. There is no fee for the call.

    I hope this has been helpful to you. I hope to be of help to you in the future as a self talk user helping another self talk user or in my role as a self talk professional.

    I hope you will continue to comment on the blog and speak of your journey as you work to achieve your goals.


  14. Hi, Gene. I’ve used the “stop smoking” script from the book, recording it three times with “I” statements and one time with “you” statements. I’ve played the recording at least three times a day; for the past two weeks I’ve played it while I slept as well. Yet I’m coming on thirty days with no signs of slowing down on the smoking. Any advice you can offer? Perhaps a more powerful script than the one in Shad’s book? I’m very keen to see if this technique works. Thanks for any help/insight.

  15. Hi Michael,

    If you have used the script for thirty to sixty days and have no positive response to the audio I recommend that you make some changes to your self talk regimen. I would also suggest that you consider consulting a self talk professional as you effectively work to talk about yourself and to yourself. I can offer my services to you if you believe I can be helpful to you. You can contact me through email gene@talktoyourself.com or call 469)-437-0828. I offer a free initial consultation and a money back guarantee if you believe the advice I give and the scripts I may write for you do not further you to achieve your goals.


  16. One of the things that have prevented me from being totally successful with Self-Talk in the past is the problem of second-hand weed smoke. I used to be overweight and the neighbor in the next apartment smoked weed without my knowledge. I know a mother that may have been stoned because her daughter was smoking in her basement. At present nobody smokes weed in my apartment building. If they did I would use Self-Speak (external Self-Talk) and tell everybody. Weed makes me psychotic and physically exhausted. There may be many welfare recipients who are stoned without realizing it and can’t work. Weed + Weight = Welfare. I now have schizophrenia which may have been caused by weed smoke. I hope what I’ve written in this comment isn’t incoherent rabble. My weight problem went away after I developed food allergies. Breathing is a form of pain control and in my case helps reduce food allergy pain and it reduces obesity.

  17. I am pleased that you are now in a better environment. I do believe self talk can contribute to achieving health. I also know that being surrounded by people who are engaging in addictive behaviors which also affects you makes any kind of recovery more difficult.

    You have my best wishes for a happy life and I believe anyone can find happiness.


  18. Hi there,

    I stumbled upon your web page while I was looking for Self-Talk scripts for sale that I can narrate, record and sell.

    Do you have any ideas?



  19. Hi David,

    What kind of scripts are you looking for? There are scripts for almost everything from weight loss and smoking cessation to almost anything you can imagine. I create my own scripts and would be willing to write some for a reasonable fee if you wish.

    I apologize for the time between your post and my reply.


  20. Hi Gene,
    Thank you so much for the information written above.
    What type music do you recommend when record?ng own self talk?
    Thank You.

  21. I use any type of music that my audience will resonate with when I do custom videos for people. When I am creating non custom videos for a broader audience I use relaxing music without vocals. When you create the audio programs use what feels best for the subject matter which you are presenting.


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