SLT Overall health and physical fitness 44:28 minutes Self-Talk

Overall health and physical fitness is a Self-Talk audio program designed to help start the day with zest for life and a positive outlook on the day. The focus is on responsibility.

This version of the program is designed to be used when relaxing or even while sleeping.
This audio Copyright 2006 by Gene Wilson and

You are ready to begin your super learning session. This session will guide your mind to a super-absorbent child-like state where information is more easily committed to long term memory.

This script has been created using primarily theta frequencies.

This audio program does not use a hypnotic induction. The nature of the audio does cause a deep state of relaxation and even sleep. It is therefore never advisable to listen to this audio while driving a car or other activity that requires alertness or where it may be heard by others who need to be alert while driving, etc.

This audio is most effective if used with earphones instead of speakers.

The file is about 39 megabytes in length. The length of time required to play or download the file will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

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