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James Allen author of the classic, “As A Man Thinketh!” and one of the early proponents of Self-Talk and it’s role in determining the life of the individual wrote a book, “Morning and Evening Thoughts” for each of thirty days. Using this as a path to achieve right thinking changes lives.

Thirty-First Morning


Sympathy bestowed increases its store in
our own heart and enriches and fructifies
our own life. Sympathy given is blessedness
received; sympathy withheld is blessedness

In the measure that a man increases
and enlarges his sympathy so much
nearer does he approach the ideal life,
the perfect blessedness; and when his
heart has become so mellowed that no
hard, bitter, or cruel thought can enter,
and detract from its permanent sweetness,
then indeed is he richly and divinely

Thirty-First Evening


Sweet is the rest and deep the bliss of him
who has freed his heart from its lusts and
hatreds and dark desires; and he who,
without any shadow of bitterness resting
upon him, and looking out upon the world
with boundless compassion and love, can
breathe, in his inmost heart, the blessing:

Peace unto all living things,

making no exceptions or distinctions-
such a man has reached that happy ending
which can never be taken away, for this is
the perfection of life, the fulness of peace,
the consummation of perfect blessedness.