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ADHD Practical Information and Advice: An Article Explaining Why It Seems They’re Not Listening

Blinks: A Phenomenon of Distractibility in Attention Deficit Disorder
by James Reisinger, MBA, CLU, CFP, ADD

Where do ADDers go when they space out and why can’t they just say, “I’ll think about that later?” I offer an answer to this question and a glimpse inside the head of a person with ADD. My hope is that this insight may spark a new look at the existing research and prompt confirming studies. I named this peculiar experience a “blink,” an identifiable characteristic that distinguishes the blink phenomenon as an experience unique to ADDers. Others with ADD have called them “skips,” “thoughts racing,” “spacing out,” “tune outs,” “static,” “thoughts,” or “gaps,” because the person skips over, tunes out, or has gaps in awareness of events going on around them.A blink occurs as the ADDers attention involuntarily shifts focus from what is relevant to something irrelevant. This shift from a ‘local” situation (such as talking, reading, or working) to some other internal mental content (e.g., a thought, picture memory, or plan) blocks the local information.People blink their eyelids without noticing the moment of darkness. A “lid closing” during a sneeze is noticeable, more so if driving or doing some action (try keeping your eyes open the next time you sneeze). If a deaf student sat in a lecture and closed his eyes for a few seconds or minutes, it would reduce what he could learn. Continue reading