What’s your name? Learn to talk to yourself and others from a child.

Hi, my name is David Wilson, this is Fred Wilson, this is Mommy Wilson, and this is Daddy Wilson. What’s your name?
My name is Bob.
What’s your last name?
My last name is Harold.

Elevator opens and another man comes in.

Hi, my name is David Wilson, this is Fred Wilson, this is Mommy Wilson and this is Daddy Wilson. What’s your name?
My name is Neal.
What’s your last name?
My last name is so hard to pronounce.
What’s your last name?
My last name is Tanaka.

While we were in Las Vegas David went through the above process with several different people at different times. I observed with a smile in my heart and I thought how sweet it was to live in the present moment as my son asked his questions with joy. I felt joy as we experienced the moments together, David Wilson, Fred, Wilson, Mommy Wilson and Daddy Wilson and the people who used to be strangers when David asked the Question, “What’s your name?”

As adults we sometimes find it difficult to just ask the questions we are curious about. My son is living proof that at four years eleven months old it is possible to effectively communicate with people he has not met before. I was going to say he found it easy to communicate with strangers but I do not believe David has ever met a stranger.

Think for a moment and then tell yourself and me what a child can teach you about living life in the moment.

Hi, my name is Daddy Wilson. What’s your name?

I am back to Blogging on talktoyourself.com

I have been on hiatus from posting on this blog for a long time. My last post was on October 14, 2008. If my count is correct that is 479 days without posting. The reason I have been on hiatus is that when I would think of writing a post or actually write a piece to post it felt unauthentic to me. I decided if I could not resonate with my writing I would cease to post until I was again able to share authentically. I am now able to share from a place of love, honesty and power. I’m back!

I have made some decisions about my life and am in the process of taking conscious action. I have hope for the the outcome of my actions but I also understand that I can not guarantee what the results of these action will bring into my life.

I attended the second Conscious Growth Workshop (CGW) in Las Vegas where I met a group of loving conscious people. I enjoyed being there with them and found the energy, and emotional connections to be so empowering for me that I made commitments to myself and a number of my new friends to make changes in my life.

I have decided to return to the field of life coaching full time. I truly love working with people and observing the moment a breakthrough occurs. I enjoy creating audios and videos to assist others in attaining personal growth. It is where my passion lies and where I experience a powerful connection of oneness.

Since returning to my home in Oblong Illinois I have sold my home and am in the process of packing and storing all of the contents of the house that I am not selling, giving away or moving to my motor home. We are going to drive the motor home on a trip to Las Vegas.  I am again actively seeing more clients and am open to accept new coaching clients.

I create audios using a number of techniques including audio brain entrainment and hypnosis. I have a commitment to three people at CGW to work with them to create new products. These friends have kindly offered to be beta testers for my new products.

I feel happier since the CGW than I have felt for many years. I know that some workshops bring participants to a high energy level while they are attending the event and for a few days after the event, then the energy slowly leaves. I have experienced a continuous feeling of purpose and peace since this event and am working daily to live each day consciously while making choices and taking action congruent with my life.

I’m back with passion to share. I’m back!