I Take Care of Myself! Free MP3 Audio

I Take Care of Myself, is a MP3 audio with a background of a thunderstorm. This audio is a relaxation audio product and as such it should never be used when driving a vehicle or when the driver of a vehicle could hear the audio. It should never be used when total alertness is necessary for safety.

The spoken audio consists of three positive self talk phrases.

  • I take care of myself.
  • I make good decisions.
  • I take action.

I take care of myself. This phrase is used because ultimately we are all responsible for our selves. We all take care of ourselves in the manner we are capable of in the present moment. Our goal is to learn how to take care of ourselves consciously and to make the choices which will enable us to have and live the lives we truly choose to have.

I make good decisions. We make decisions which determine what will happen in our life. If we eat well and exercise appropriately we are more likely to be a healthy body size and to be physically fit. Consciously making good decisions is part of the process of living the life we desire by choice not chance. If we work towards our goals we are empowering ourselves and living the life we choose and we plan.

I take action. The action step requires more than thinking, it requires doing. In small or large things action increases the probability of achieving our goals. When we take action and the outcome is not what we anticipated we use this new information to modify our actions to achieve our goals with new action. Success is becoming willing to take action and learn.

I suggest that you listen to this audio at least one time per day for 45 days. You may listen more often if you desire. You may use this audio as a way to relax and go to sleep by playing the audio while in bed.

I hope this audio is useful to you. I also hope you will leave a comment and tell me about your experience with the audio and what other kinds of audio you would most like to see on ??????www.talktoyourself.com.

The file is an MP3 and the size is 42 megabytes.Gene

I Take Care of Myself MP3