Overall health and physical fitness Self-Talk Audio

Overall health and physical fitness is a Self-Talk audio program designed to help start the day with zest for life and a positive outlook on the day. The audio is designed to help the listener make positive changes. Whether you wish to give up an addiction, loose weight , stop smoking, exercise more or just adjust your attitude this audio is made for you. The focus is on responsibility.

This audio Copyright 2006 by Gene Wilson and Talktoyourself.com

7 thoughts on “Overall health and physical fitness Self-Talk Audio”

  1. as i think this is just the complete definition that i found, i just thank for source or the author of this…thank you so much…just continue your good workssssss

  2. Hi Shuckle,

    Thank you for your kind words. It is always a pleasure to hear that my work has been helpful to someone and I am glad you found it useful.


  3. As I’m listening, I am slowly getting a positive feeling as if no matter what level of fitness I am, I know that to reach my optimum levels aren’t as impossible as I deem it to be. Your voice is very uplifting and the music. You are so precise as you discuss every facet of your mind and body and stay in a positive tone throughout it. What a beautiful inspirational message.

  4. This audio can definitely help out a number people struggling with health and wellness issues on a daily basis. Starting their day with a positive re-enforcement and positive thought will help to motive them on a path toward recovering.

  5. Thanks for your comment. I believe there are many things that can help facilitate positive change. I hope my audios are useful to people.


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