Home Educator’s Family Times – Self Talk – To A Healthier you

Home Educator’s Family Times – Self Talk – To A Healthier you

Dr. Chris Thurman (Minirth Meier New Life Clinics) says:

“Your brain can both record and play back, and it has access to a personal library of thousands of tapes ready to play at a moment’s notice. These are tapes which hold all the beliefs, attitudes, and expectations that you have ‘recorded’ during your life.

Some of the tapes inside your brain are truthful, such as “You can’t please everybody all the time” or “Life’s rough.”

Some of these tapes are lies, such as “I’m only as good as what I do” or “Life should be fair” or “Things have to go my way for me to be happy.”

Many lie tapes play in your mind without you even knowing it. They play unconsciously when life presses the play button. Unconscious or not, these tapes dramatically affect your feelings and actions each day. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to these tapes. Unless they are made conscious, you are at their mercy.

Your emotional life hangs in the balance. It directly reflects whether your mind is dominated by lies or truth. If your mind has more lies than truth playing through it, you’ll tend to be more emotionally unhappy and troubled. If, on the other hand, your mind has more truth than lies taped and running, you’ll feel more well-being than misery.

The primary challenge, then, is not to attempt changing the circumstances surrounding us, although there is nothing wrong with improving them when we can. The primary challenge is to make our mental tapes as truthful as we can so that we will be able to handle successfully whatever circumstances come our way.”