Twenty–Eighth Evening


He who knows that Love is at the heart of
all things, and has realized the all-sufficing
power of that Love, has no room in his
heart for condemnation.

If you love people and speak of them
with praise, until they in some way
thwart you, or do something of which
you disapprove, and then you dislike them
and speak of them with dispraise, you are
not governed by the Love which is of God.
If, in your heart, you are continually
arraigning and condemning others,
selfless love is hidden from you.

Train your mind in strong, impartial,
and gentle thought; train your heart in
purity and compassion; train your tongue
to silence, and to true and stainless speech;
so shall you enter the way of holiness and
peace, and shall ultimately realize the
immortal Love.