What’s your name? Learn to talk to yourself and others from a child.

Hi, my name is David Wilson, this is Fred Wilson, this is Mommy Wilson, and this is Daddy Wilson. What’s your name?
My name is Bob.
What’s your last name?
My last name is Harold.

Elevator opens and another man comes in.

Hi, my name is David Wilson, this is Fred Wilson, this is Mommy Wilson and this is Daddy Wilson. What’s your name?
My name is Neal.
What’s your last name?
My last name is so hard to pronounce.
What’s your last name?
My last name is Tanaka.

While we were in Las Vegas David went through the above process with several different people at different times. I observed with a smile in my heart and I thought how sweet it was to live in the present moment as my son asked his questions with joy. I felt joy as we experienced the moments together, David Wilson, Fred, Wilson, Mommy Wilson and Daddy Wilson and the people who used to be strangers when David asked the Question, “What’s your name?”

As adults we sometimes find it difficult to just ask the questions we are curious about. My son is living proof that at four years eleven months old it is possible to effectively communicate with people he has not met before. I was going to say he found it easy to communicate with strangers but I do not believe David has ever met a stranger.

Think for a moment and then tell yourself and me what a child can teach you about living life in the moment.

Hi, my name is Daddy Wilson. What’s your name?

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I am back to Blogging on talktoyourself.com

I have been on hiatus from posting on this blog for a long time. My last post was on October 14, 2008. If my count is correct that is 479 days without posting. The reason I have been on hiatus is that when I would think of writing a post or actually write a piece to post it felt unauthentic to me. I decided if I could not resonate with my writing I would cease to post until I was again able to share authentically. I am now able to share from a place of love, honesty and power. I’m back!

I have made some decisions about my life and am in the process of taking conscious action. I have hope for the the outcome of my actions but I also understand that I can not guarantee what the results of these action will bring into my life.

I attended the second Conscious Growth Workshop (CGW) in Las Vegas where I met a group of loving conscious people. I enjoyed being there with them and found the energy, and emotional connections to be so empowering for me that I made commitments to myself and a number of my new friends to make changes in my life.

I have decided to return to the field of life coaching full time. I truly love working with people and observing the moment a breakthrough occurs. I enjoy creating audios and videos to assist others in attaining personal growth. It is where my passion lies and where I experience a powerful connection of oneness.

Since returning to my home in Oblong Illinois I have sold my home and am in the process of packing and storing all of the contents of the house that I am not selling, giving away or moving to my motor home. We are going to drive the motor home on a trip to Las Vegas.  I am again actively seeing more clients and am open to accept new coaching clients.

I create audios using a number of techniques including audio brain entrainment and hypnosis. I have a commitment to three people at CGW to work with them to create new products. These friends have kindly offered to be beta testers for my new products.

I feel happier since the CGW than I have felt for many years. I know that some workshops bring participants to a high energy level while they are attending the event and for a few days after the event, then the energy slowly leaves. I have experienced a continuous feeling of purpose and peace since this event and am working daily to live each day consciously while making choices and taking action congruent with my life.

I’m back with passion to share. I’m back!

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Personal Development for Smart People – A User Manual for Positive Change and Conscious Living

I’ve been reading a new book by Steve Pavlina titled Personal Development for Smart People. Steve’s blog www.stevepavlina.com and his forums for discussing issues relating to personal growth at http://www.stevepavlina.com/forums/ are among the most popular destinations for growth conscious people on the Internet. Steve lives the life he writes about in his online presence and in this book.

As a teenager Steve began his journey of conscious pursuit of personal growth while sitting in a jail cell charged with felony theft. While there he made the connection between his thoughts, emotions and behaviors and the situation he found himself in and resolved to change. This book is the story of the principles he discovered and used in his trip from that personal bottom to a position of personal mastery.

This book is both a philosophical treatise and a practical guide to consciously living and improving your life. There are clear statements of principals and why they work in achieving a better life and life experience. The fundamental principles he writes of in the book are Truth, Love, Power, Oneness, Authority, Courage and Intelligence.

Steve expands and explains these core principles in a clear and understandable way. After reading the first half of the book where these principles are introduced the reader will have an intuitive knowledge about these principles and how they are pertinent to his or her own life.

The second half of the book is titled practical application and is exactly what the title suggests, a practical, realistic, and functional guide to using the principles explained in the first part of the book. The chapters in this portion of the book are Habits, Career, Money, Health, Relationships and spirituality.

A reader who wishes to make positive change in his or her life will discover practical tools in this book, which if practiced and incorporated into daily life will enable them to make the positive change they desire to produce in their lives.

From sitting in jail as a teenager to becoming the creator of one of the most visited self help blogs on the Internet to writing a masterful book to explain universal principles of personal development Steve has walked the path he writes about in his blog, book and that he speaks about in his public appearances. Steve Pavlina has often said he is happiest when he is able to provide value and is able to observe others living consciously and choosing lives which have meaning to them.

I hope you will buy the book and discover the useful and potentially life changing truths within. I have included a link at the bottom of this article which you may use to buy the book and even read other reviews of Personal Development for Smart People. If you have an interest in discussing the book and the principles contained within I suggest that you read Steve’s blog and participate in his online discussion forums.

I recommend this book to anyone who desires living a life of conscious choice.

Steve’s blog is here.            www.stevepavlina.com
Steve’s Forums are here.     http://www.stevepavlina.com/forums/

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I Take Care of Myself! Free MP3 Audio

I Take Care of Myself, is a MP3 audio with a background of a thunderstorm. This audio is a relaxation audio product and as such it should never be used when driving a vehicle or when the driver of a vehicle could hear the audio. It should never be used when total alertness is necessary for safety.

The spoken audio consists of three positive self talk phrases.

  • I take care of myself.
  • I make good decisions.
  • I take action.

I take care of myself. This phrase is used because ultimately we are all responsible for our selves. We all take care of ourselves in the manner we are capable of in the present moment. Our goal is to learn how to take care of ourselves consciously and to make the choices which will enable us to have and live the lives we truly choose to have.

I make good decisions. We make decisions which determine what will happen in our life. If we eat well and exercise appropriately we are more likely to be a healthy body size and to be physically fit. Consciously making good decisions is part of the process of living the life we desire by choice not chance. If we work towards our goals we are empowering ourselves and living the life we choose and we plan.

I take action. The action step requires more than thinking, it requires doing. In small or large things action increases the probability of achieving our goals. When we take action and the outcome is not what we anticipated we use this new information to modify our actions to achieve our goals with new action. Success is becoming willing to take action and learn.

I suggest that you listen to this audio at least one time per day for 45 days. You may listen more often if you desire. You may use this audio as a way to relax and go to sleep by playing the audio while in bed.

I hope this audio is useful to you. I also hope you will leave a comment and tell me about your experience with the audio and what other kinds of audio you would most like to see on ??????www.talktoyourself.com.

The file is an MP3 and the size is 42 megabytes.Gene

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Overall health and physical fitness Self-Talk Audio

Overall health and physical fitness is a Self-Talk audio program designed to help start the day with zest for life and a positive outlook on the day. The audio is designed to help the listener make positive changes. Whether you wish to give up an addiction, loose weight , stop smoking, exercise more or just adjust your attitude this audio is made for you. The focus is on responsibility.

This audio Copyright 2006 by Gene Wilson and Talktoyourself.com

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Change Your Self-Talk, Change your Life!